February 9, 2010

Whoah, Nelly!

It's 11:06pm and I just finished my work day. Well, actually, if you count writing this blog as work, apparently, I'm not yet done... yikes!

My morning was pretty chill - just your basic work (emails, calls, bills, proposal writing, etc.). At noon, I had a long-anticipated follow-up call with the agency for a potential NYILFF sponsor. It turns out the client's budget is slightly lower than previously discussed, but they definitely have cash, love us and want to make it work. So, all in all, a great convo. By week's end, I'll send her a revised proposal and we'll go from there. As always, fingers crossed!

A few more hours of work and then I was off to a meeting with two of my favorite people - Marvin and Dennis at HBO. They are the best! Dennis and I discussed many times the changes I planned to make with the NYILFF; he has remained supportive throughout the process and, I think, is pleased to see my progress. One key strategic benchmark I realized was hiring Sonia, our new Manager of Partner Client Services, who attended the meeting. She's awesome - totally professional, organized, creative and sharp as a tack - and certainly a fabulous addition the team.

Sonia and I had a quick 30-minute follow-up meeting and then
I scooted down to NYU's Stern School of Biz, from which my brother graduated, to listen to a very interesting panel on the state of film financing and distribution. I believe personal growth and evolution are not possible without a continuing eagerness to learn.

And, FINALLY, I met my friends, Terracino and Juan, for a delicious omelet and to chat with a new friend, Richard, who handles sponsorship, product placement and event production. He generously offered them some advice and Terracino thought it'd be a good intro. In fact, it was! I like Richard a great deal and, in turn, may engage him to help me with NYILFF sponsorship. I can ALWAYS use more help, especially since I am producing "Lottery Man", helping Juan and Terracino with some things on "Elliot Loves" (their adorable feature) and, of course, have an entire film festival to organize.

Delegation (with proper management) is a beautiful thing.



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