February 16, 2010

Lottery Man: Update

  • Thomas (co-producer) and I refined the biz plan a bit more. Edit, edit, edit...
  • Thomas, Matt (writer/director) and I put together a casting wish list for the top 4 characters. Exciting!
  • Thomas and I reviewed (and revised) the budget with Rebecca, our line producer.
  • Matt made a few more edits to the script. I need to print out and read that latest version. I also want to read it with a keen eye towards potential product placement and sponsor partners.
  • Thomas and I discussed the elements we'd like to include in the investor package and have started working on putting together those elements. I'd like to have some good friends at a boutique creative agency handle the creative, but they don't yet know that. Sshhhh!
  • We're looking for someone to help us do a bit of storyboarding so we can include some visuals in the investor package. Since we haven't yet raised money, we don't have a budget. Sooo... we're hoping someone (student?) will do a little bit of pre-storyboarding now in exchange for guaranteed storyboarding work for the film once we secure funding. Any interested parties or recommendations? Thomas will post an ad on Mandy, so we'll see what that produces.
  • Thomas and I are starting to work on a first-round target investor list. If you're interested in hearing more, email me directly: Liz@NYLatinoFilm.com.

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