February 24, 2010

Call, Email, Call, Email...

I think my office chair might actually have butt-cheek impressions. I've been nearly glued to my seat, making calls and emailing primarily about fest sponsorship. I tell you, it is never-ending.

I did, however, have a GREAT meeting with my friend and NYILFF staff member, Zulaika, who is returning this year. Yay! I merged her original role (industry client relations) with VIP client relations to create one consolidated dept, which she will manage. She's super-fantastic and PERFECT for this. Such a smart cookie, she is. Plus, she's just a cool cat so, yes, I'm psyched to have her back on board.

First thing in the AM, I met with a Mac 'genius'; my MacBook's DVD drive hasn't been working. It turns out, I'm still under the AppleCare warranty (only 78 more days in a 3-year plan... can you believe?!), so drive replacement is free. The hardware + labor together cost more than the insurance so it was totally worth it. PLUS, Matt (my little genius) realized I've worn out my keyboard, so he's replacing that too. What a peach! Hopefully, they can take care of the whole shebang on Saturday. I love me some Mac. As my friend, Justin, says, once you go Mac, you never go back...

P.S. No word yet from the talent agent I called regarding the lead female role in Lottery Man. Stay tuned...


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