February 23, 2010

New on Cinedulce! 2 Music Vids! Emmi, "Angel Dust" short and More!

"Bed Stuy" (3:49)
Music video for Spec Boogie, directed by Ali Santana.
Ali is a HUGE talent. Love him!

"Magazines" (4:09)
Music video for Cool Breeze Ray Directed by Steven Tapia.
According to Lyndon, this is aesthetic Candy... not a bad review!

Headliners "Making Of A DVD Magazine" Promo (4:43)
Check out the making of a true hip hop DVD Magazine by David "Drizz" Rodriguez.

"ANGEL DUST" (6:38)
Welcome to her world. Hasan Salaam and Noisemaker Media present "Angel Dust," a voyeuristic tale of survival. Directed by Mark Carranceja.
You MUST check this out!

Hanging Out With Emmi, Ep. #6 (8:16)
Comedian, actor and Urban Latino Radio personality Victor Cruz hangs out with Emmi, and shows him around Spanish Harlem.

Life Of A Struggling Actor, Ep #45 (6:47)
The Top Secret GIECO gig.


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