February 17, 2010

New Fest Team Coming Together!

I'm SO excited. I just met with the NYILFF's new bookkeeper, Avalon. More accurately, Avalon is our first bookkeeper. I've always done it. (Ay carumba!)

I've done a decent job. Really, though, I've always known I was under-utilizing Quickbooks, but I've honestly never had the time to learn beyond the basics. Quite frankly, it's a near-miracle I've kept the books so straight and organized for all of this time.

But now we're going big time! I can already tell she's going to be amazing and make a huge impact on my day2day life, particularly in the crunch months of June and July. Plus, she's going to teach me better ways to reconcile the books, handle credit card accounting, invoicing, etc. for the off-season months when I don't need to engage her services. This is almost unbearably exciting to a girl like me. I love this stuff... bring it on!

Hiring Avalon is just one more step in my festival restructuring journey, which is turning out to be unbelievably fulfilling, exciting and empowering. I feel like I'm building NYILFF 2.0... and a better life! Awesome.


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