March 31, 2010

Bring It

Yesterday, Calixto and I had a really good meeting. He's been away for a bit and we just haven't been able to connect. It was nice to catch up and get on the same page.

I spent the better part of today reconciling the festival's 2007 Quickbooks file (yawn...). Yes, I recognize it's 2010, but I need to go backwards and get the entire file brought up to to date. Hopefully, I'll knock out 2008 on Friday (too many meetings and deadlines tomorrow) and 2009 early next week. 2010 will be a breeze and then we're good to go. I'll admit, it's not all that fun to execute, but the thought of having perfectly organized, reconciled 'books' makes me downright giddy.

On a more interesting note, I just got off a follow-up call with the agency for two GIANT retailers, both of whom have preliminary interest in the NYILFF. So great! Of course, now I only have 24-hours to bust out a whole customized proposal b/c the client presentation is Friday, but that's fine. Bring it.


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The Captain said...

Was the winner of the trailer competition announced?