February 17, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Okay, I'm back in the office and back to business. Right now, I'm all about sponsorship. This is an insane economy (duh), so my efforts need to be even more aggressive (if that's even possible). The NY Latino Film Festival basically lives and dies by sponsorship, which is why I work so hard to deliver, if not over-deliver, to our partners and also why I'm always so immensely grateful to those who support us - particularly those partners who return year after year. But, what this means is I can't not succeed. Can you say pressure? I can.

Speaking of sponsorship... according to today's
MediaPost, many sponsors either pulled back (e.g., American Express) or pulled out entirely (e.g., L'Oreal, GM) of this Sunday's Academy Awards telecast. Interesting. The article claims the changes of heart are due to "a weak economy and fear of a backlash against big spenders."

Julieta Y Ramon
Julieta's erotic and comical fascination with Ronald Reagan keeps her from finding Mr. Right. Directed by the great, Hugo Perez - a friend and previous winner of the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Contest (which is almost set to launch for 2009, so start writing your 5-minute short!!)


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