February 12, 2009

You Meet People in the Darndest Places

Right now, I'm sitting in a phone booth in the San Francisco airport (SFO) on my way to Tahoe via Reno to ski with my brother and his family for the weekend (thank you MasterCard travel rewards!!). My flight out of JFK was 8:05am (ouch!); just as I sat in my seat (19E), the guy sitting in 19F introduced himself and we started chatting. Before you know it, my new friend and I are yapping about business. As tremendous luck (fate??) would have it, he's a producer at a MAJOR gaming company that has a new HUGE game coming out in June. Can you guess what happened next? Yep, you're right... I immediately (but tactifully, of course) pitched sponsorship of the NY Latino Film Festival. I mean, are you kidding? This is crazy! And, guess what? He totally dug it! Before we even took off, we agreed to continue the convo next week, after he discusses the idea with his team. Talk to me...

On another tip, I never told you how Tuesday's wireless meeting went. Great! Well, I mean, I think it went great. You never know how a meeting goes until you get concrete client feedback, but it seemed to go as well as we could have hoped. Both Calixto and I were very pleased. Plus, one of the agency contacts told me she felt it went well and it was a good sign the client asked so many questions. Sooooo, we shall see. But, I was proud of us. I think we did our job. Now we wait...


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