February 5, 2009

New Word of the Day: Geoblocking

I learned a new tech term: geoblocking. Man, that sounds fancy. It's exactly what it sounds like: it's the ability literally to block folks from outside the U.S. from viewing your web content. Groovy. I learned it because we may need to incorporate geoblocking capabilities for some new HBO content we're getting. You learn something every day...

Okay, enough with the vocab lesson... I just got off the phone with a friend, who's helping me with some sponsorship outreach, among other things. We just thought of the coolest Cinedulce idea to pitch one of her clients. Even if that client passes, it's super groovy and can be adapted to several brand categories, but it's particularly relevant to those brands that have a strong event component in their overall marketing mix. That's exciting, right? But, you know what that means... time to write another proposal. Ay dios! Enough with the proposals already. I can't wait to have someone write this stuff for me. It's just endless.

On a different tip, I just received a call from the agency that handles a major beauty brand that we're been pitching for many months. In fact, we worked with them on an introductory level at the 2008 NYILFF and are hoping to bring them back this year on a more significant level. Well, as it happens, they have a set of meetings scheduled with the client for tomorrow (Friday) and Monday. They plan to call me during one of those days to discuss partnership for this year. Seriously, folks, cross those fingers. This could be good...

A Girl Like Me
For those of you who underestimate the voice and talent of our youth, check out this touching documentary by teen Kiri Davis. Reel Works Teen Filmmaking presents a film that explores the standards of beauty imposed on today's black girls. How do these standards affect their self-esteem and self-image?

Liz. (P.L.H.H.)

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