February 25, 2009

Watch Yourself On-Screen This Summer!!

July 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of the New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) and we're inviting you to help us celebrate in the best way we know how: through storytelling!

Filmmakers, actors, attendees, volunteers and staff: Share your favorite festival memories on Cinedulce by uploading an original video. Whether you premiered your first movie at the NYILFF, landed an acting gig, found love or simply got inspired to follow your filmmaking dreams, we want to hear it all!

  • Non-SAG actors only please.
  • 10-Minute maximum running time per submission.

All entries will be featured on Cinedulce.com starting in April and the best stories will be featured in NYILFF's 10th anniversary advertising campaign so be as creative as possible!

Submissions will be accepted starting February 24

Deadline for consideration in the NYILFF advertising campaign: March 31

(Please Note: submissions will be accepted and posted online after March 31, but will not be eligible for participation in the advertising campaign.)




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