February 11, 2009

Guerrilla Indie Film Finance

It's a crappy economy, as we all know, but the filmmaking show must go on. Filmmakers are the most determined individuals you'll ever encounter and will make their films, come Hell or come high water. In that spirit, I'm helping out a couple of very good friends, who are producers/writers/directors on a new indie film going into production next month. These guys are fundraising guerrilla-style by taking a quantity over quality approach. That is, they're seeking a high volume of low-level investors vs. a few large investors. I think it's a pretty clever approach, and, more importantly, seems to be working. If nothing else, maybe it will inspire other ambitious filmmakers to think creatively about fundraising in this (or any!) economic climate:

"Elliot Loves"
Writer/Director: Terracino ("My Polish Waiter" - short played @ Sundance, New Directors/New Films, LA OutFest + 40 others)
Producers: Sophia Antonini ("Amexicano"), Juan Caceres ("Harlem Hostel")
Director of Photography: Imre Juhasz ("Ballada" - short won the Golden Palm at the '05 Venice Film Festival)
Casting Director: Kerry Barden ("Good Will Hunting", "Boys Don't Cry", "Pineapple Express")
Guillermo Diaz ("Party Girl", "Girls Town", "I'm Not Rappaport", "Stonewall")
Elena Good (John Leguizamo's "Undefeated", TV's "As the World Turns" & "All My Children")
Ray Santiago ("Meet the Fockers", "Dirty Deeds", TV's "My Name is Earl" & "Dexter")
Genre: Comedy

Two stages of a Dominican-American's life; first as a boy trying to bond with his young mother, then as a 21-year-old looking for love in New York City.
2004 Vito Russo Award, New York NewFest
2003 OUTFEST Script Development Lab
MTV Films/New York Int'l Latino Film Festival Script Contest finalist

Fundraising Goal: $200k (they already have some investors)

1 Point = $4,000 ($1,000 = 1/4 point)

To read Elliot Loves' IMDB profile, click HERE.

Please direct all investor inquiries to writer/director Terracino @: ElliotLoves@Yahoo.com.

Today's Treat
Inconvenient Ruth
Check out this adorable and important animated short about a nine-year old who wants to save the world. Directed by Celeste Moreno and part of the Live Earth Film Series. So cute!


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