February 4, 2009

Will Macy's Still Have Its Parade?

Wow, this economic crisis is really not pretty, not pretty at all. I'm sure you heard the latest victim is Macy's, which just cut 7,000 jobs (approx. 4% of its total workforce). I guess I should stop calling them for a while, huh? I don't even know if my contacts there survived this round of layoffs. Right, so, my point is for those of us trying to raise money from Corporate America, these would be somewhat challenging times (euphemistically speaking).

Yesterday, Calixto and I had a meeting with one of the major film unions. Really like them - good people who get it. Of course, their budgets are tight as ever. Shocking. We're discussing some valuable barter opportunities - opportunities that may help cut some line items so it can be positioned as the equivalent of a small donation - but it's still a wee bit frustrating. Truth told, even in the best of times, unions can't compete in the sponsorship arena. They try to make small donations and provide other benefits that are valuable to the execution of your event. So, it's not like we were crushed or even surprised. But, you know, every partner counts and small partners add up.
Or, in honor of MLB spring training (Go Mets!), which is about to begin, single base hits add up to home runs. As I've mentioned before, I never disregard even the smallest potential partner.

The other side of the coin is we have some very positive momentum with a few major corporations, one of which is the previously mentioned QSR. That meeting is now set for Friday, so I'm preparing for it today. Then, I have a big wireless presentation on Tuesday, for which I need to prep as soon as this other proposal is ready to go. I also have another wireless company with serious interest, so that's very encouraging for the category, in general. And, fingers crossed, today I should hear back from a previous partner (spirits category) that is looking to augment its participation with us. I'm hoping to hear from the agency today. There are other things in the works, but these are the most imminent. Put out the good vibes for us!!


Just Ralph A short that wrecks the western media stereotype of Palestinians by showing a "day in the life" of Ralph, a Palestinian-American grocery store owner. Directed by Clifton Watson.


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