February 6, 2009

Cue Soundtrack: St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)...

Big day: this afternoon, I'm meeting with the agency for the QSR that has expressed serious interest in partnering with the '09 NY Latino Film Fest. This would be the second time we've worked with this brand, but the first go-round was back in 2005... so, I'm pretty psyched to be back in talks with them. Plus, if I can get some of the volunteers fed through this partnership - even better! I already wrote the proposal, so I'm good to go. As always, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I still need to get this wireless proposal knocked out for Tuesday's meeting, which is really more like a presentation than a traditional meeting. Apparently, they're having an entire 'film day', where I assume different film organizations will present their dog-and-pony show. We have a 1-hour afternoon time slot to razzle-dazzle. OH! And, as of last night, on Monday, I have the eagerly anticipated conference call with the beauty brand I'm hoping to woo back into the fold. If nothing else, things are heating up and that's a good sign. Movement is clearly better than stasis when it comes to partnership outreach.

On a totally different tip, last night, I had a little reunion with my peeps from Shooting Gallery, the now-defunct film company where I worked through much of my 20's. In 2001, the company, which enjoyed a short-lived but very electric ride as the nation's hottest indie film company, came crashing down in true Hollywood fashion: big, explosive drama with high powered lawsuits, rumors of imminent jail time and shattered home lives. Anyway, we were the marketing team and we went through A LOT together. That company was psychotic frenzy. Amidst the reminiscing, I was thinking to myself how remarkable it is we're all still such good friends. There have been divergent professional paths, marriages, babies, personal challenges and triumphs and yet here we were, having a beer at Old Town Bar, just like the good old days (though, back then, we could usually be found at Antarctica on Varick St.). I told them it reminded me of St. Elmo's Fire... you know, minus crazy Demi Moore rocking back and forth in the cold, empty room.

Check out this music video by Joell Ortiz
, directed by Rik Cordero.


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