February 9, 2009

Starting Off the Week with a Bang...

So, what'd you think of the Grammy's? There were some unexpected winners (e.g., Adele for Best New Artist), but I'm so tired of the predictability of Album of the Year. They ALWAYS pick the older, more traditional music. It's ridiculous. I'm not saying the Alison Krauss/Robert Plan album isn't fantastic. It's just - come on - take a chance and try representing the youth generation for a change. It's like when Herbie Hancock beat out Kanye. WTF? I can't believe this year's A.O.T.Y. didn't go to Lil' Wayne (or maybe Coldplay). Your thoughts?

On a more personal note, my meeting on Friday afternoon with the QSR agency went great. Well, at least, I think it went great. You never really know how a meeting goes until you lock in the partner (or, as my dad says, when the check clears...LOL. Love that.). But, it seemed to go as well as I could have hoped. I already knew a couple of the folks there and others not only knew of the NY Latino Film Fest, but had attended in previous years. That familiarity obviously made the pitch much easier. Anyhoodles, we discussed some cool activation ideas that would be great for our guests, the fest and the client; you gotta love the win-win-win scenarios. And, now, we wait...

Later this afternoon, I have my beauty call. I REALLY hope that goes well. We had a very positive experience with this particular client in '08 so, obviously, I'm hoping they are interested not only in continuing the partnership, but, ideally, in growing it. We shall see... In the meantime, I need to spend this entire day busting out the wireless proposal for this big presentation tomorrow. I was really hoping to have it done on Friday but I had way too much to do and that QSR meeting basically cut my day in half. I can only do what I can do. So, now it's time to focus. I've got two big days. Wish me luck!


2008 NYILFF Promo Spot: Jenn Pinto
Okay, I know this is from 2008, but I still love it. When we shot the '08 NYILFF commercial, the actors were so hilarious we decided to cut promo spots, each one focusing on a different actor/duo. Jenn's is one of my favorites, but check out the others, too. Honestly, they're all awesome.
Huge props to Lyndon McCray for editing them all.



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