February 26, 2009

Save NYC Production!

Last night, a good friend of mine, Anthony, sent me an email about New York's Governor Paterson, who is trying to cut NYC tax incentives for film & television. Whoah! Are you kidding me?? That has been one of the most successful programs the city has ever instituted.

Read the facts (according to a recent NY Post article)...:

"Since the program began, the state and city combined have issued $690 million in tax credits and have collected $2.7 billion in taxes from movie and TV productions, according to a study by Ernst & Young."

"The study also found that during 2007, New York's movie and TV industry created 7,031 jobs directly - and an additional 12,481 indirectly."

Whether you depend on the film & television field for your income or it's a passion of yours, please sign the petition to let Albany know these incentives are vital to the New York film industry and community. PLEASE SIGN and forward to your family, friends and other industry folk:
Petition Online

Also, to find out how YOU CAN WATCH YOURSELF ON-SCREEN THIS SUMMER AT THE NYILFF, click on image below!!



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