February 19, 2010

"Harlem Hostel" Opens!

Last night, I attended the premiere of the comedy, "Harlem Hostel", co-produced by my good friend, Juan Caceres. Juan's co-producer is another friend, Jorge Cano-Moreno of Urban Latino. Plus, I finally met the director, Nestor Miranda. It seems we've heard about each other for years, but never have had the opportunity to meet before last night. Plus, I got to catch up with a bunch of friends at the after-party at Libation AND have a VERY interesting work discussion. Yes, I actually had a meeting with a Dewar's and ginger in hand for an hour+ in the middle of a thump-thumping club. When in Rome...

Regardless, the film is SOOOO cute. These guys did a GREAT job, especially with a teeny-tiny budget. It just goes to show what dedication, passion, creativity, talent, resourcefulness, team work and heart can get you... an adorable, funny movie with distribution! Good job, Maya, for spotting a good one!

The film is enjoying a limited theatrical run at Sunshine Cinemas. Catch it while you can to support these talented Latino filmmakers and get a good laugh!

Theatrical Sneak-Peek

Sunshine Cinemas
143 East Houston St. NY, NY 10002 (V/F trains to 2nd Ave.)
Saturday, February 19 - Sunday, February 21, Show Time: 11:00am

Monday, February 22 - Thursday, February 25, Show Time: 6:00pm


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