October 7, 2008

Blog Check: One-Two, One-Two

Well, it's my first time on the mic, oops on the blog, and all is good. We're gearing up for our first DVD and if all goes down as planned it will be hot. The DVD will be a combination of films featured on the site along with new titles not yet shown on CD. In addition, the DVD will feature some extras, including a "Cinedulce Unwrapped" with some of the filmmakers. Putting together this disk is proving not to be as easy as I thought, from picking the films, to running them through everybody, to getting the deals done, to making sure we close the production of it and deliver on time, to creating the art and on and on. This thing is a production by itself. Yet, it's something we're all excited about because it will get the films to the public's hands and give people even more of a taste of what we're about. If all goes according to plan, expect it to arrive in time for the holidays (gifts anyone?). To all who read this, thank you. I will try to start writing a bit more often and give you a gist of how we work as far as programming the site. I'll maybe even throw in some drama for good reading every now and then. My everyday adventures may not be as exciting as Liz's, but I will try to throw down some insight and food for thought. So here's to my first blog entry!

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