October 14, 2008

Just thinking about tomorrow...

So, here's something cool: tomorrow, I am speaking on a panel at the 2008 Convergence Conference: The Future of Latin Media, Entertainment and Technology Markets. The panel is called "Making New York City the Latin Media Capital of the World: Promoting the Best of Hispanic & Latin America’s Arts and Culture"; other panelists include Tomas Cookman, CEO Cookman Int'l LAMC / Nacional Records (I haven't seen him in forever!), Julianne Cho, Dir. of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and B'casting (I can't wait finally to meet her after all of these years and calls!), Kate Levin, Commisioner, Dept. of Cultural Affairs, & Gabriel Abaroa, President of the Latin Grammys. Not bad company, huh? The conference is actually really cool; check it out http://www.latinvision.com/conference. And, here's the kicker - some of the execs. from companies I'm currently approaching for sponsorship will be there. Now, if that's not exciting, I don't know what is. Oh wait - yes, I do...the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night. So, all in all, tomorrow should be a very interesting day. OH! And, how can I forget? Our new biz cards are scheduled for delivery this afternoon. Yes, I made sure they got here in time for this conference. ;) We asked our creative agency, Spoon + Fork (spoonandforkstudio.com) to design double-sided cards: one for the NYILFF and the other for Cinedulce. Super groovy.
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!

~ Liz

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