October 7, 2008

The kids these days...

NEW CINEDULCE CHANNEL ALERT: YOUTH FILMMAKERS! Back story: During this year's NY Int’l Latino Film Festival, we introduced a new programming category: Youth Filmmakers Showcase (high five to Kodak Gallery, the presenter, for being so supportive of aspiring teen filmmakers). We sent out a special call for submissions and were shocked by the overwhelmingly positive response: 86 submissions nationwide from teen filmmakers, ages 14 - 19! Even more impressive was the quality of the films we received. In fact, we were so impressed we decided to launch a Cinedulce channel to showcase this new crop of young talent. Dealing with issues ranging from rape and addiction to teen pregnancy and the definition of beauty, these films may have been made by teens but their subject matters are as mature as any film you will see. Check them out and be reminded how the power of film can inspire, amuse, teach, touch and heal. I tell ya, the kids these days...impress the s**t out of me!
~ Liz


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