October 1, 2008

mi dia loco!

Holy smokes - total insanity today. We had a great meeting this AM with the NY Daily News, the official paper of our film festival. We're hoping to have a whole special section for the 2009 event, which would be killer. Fingers crossed! Then, we met with our financial consultant about how to adjust Cinedulce's projections to reflect some recent changes we made regarding our shorter term (5 +/- years) growth and revenue strategies (no money = no Cinedulce...ay dios!). Then, we had our weekly Cinedulce meeting. Other than basic timeline and deliverables crap, we talked about film vs. TV on the Internet (as opposed to TV on the Radio, for all of you music fans out there...;)). Pretty cool conversation. And THEN, I had a call with Kodak, another festival sponsor, about this amazing video shot and edited by Cinedulce's Content Manager and all-around creative genius, Lyndon McCray. He shot all of this behind-the-scenes footage of Nely Galan getting ready for her big event (screening of "Celia the Queen"), where Kodak Gallery and the NYILFF honored her. She had her make-up done by mark., which we also shot. For the record, she's totally cute and great. Anyway, the final video is pretty damn good, if we do say so ourselves, and we're going to load it on Cinedulce soon. So, keep an eye out!
And, on top of all of that, I just finally got out my proposal to one of Verizon Wireless' agencies b/c it would be the bee's knees to have a really strong telecom partner for the festival, but also, almost more importantly, as a wireless distribution partner for Cinedulce. Are you feelin' me??
Anyhoo, so much for things slowing down after the festival ended...

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