October 3, 2008

Comcast, here we come!

Phew! I just finished the Comcast proposal. That's no joke. I'm telling you, if we have the opportunity to partner with Comcast...well, that would just be Super-Fantastic with a capital S and F. Plus, this is the first distribution (vs. sponsorship or marketing) proposal I've written. So, you know, it took a bit of time to finesse -- positioning the company and all that jazz. Now, I need to call Netflix (contact anyone?...) and I really want to check out Vudu. Did you read that NY Times article on 10/02? Honestly, I think the writer, David Pogue, might have literally drooled on his keyboard; he was frothing with enthusiasm. But, that's a great thing and I can appreciate a man with passion...so, rock on David.

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