October 20, 2008

Bring it on...

Okay, I'm back from my yoga retreat and damn was it worth it! But, I tell ya - 4.5 hrs of yoga daily can make your hamstrings pretty darn-tootin' sore! That aside, I and my hamstrings are back in action and today was yet another crazy good, productive day. I've been sitting here following up with all of the fantastic folks I met at last week's convergence conference. PLUS, I had an old friend reach out to me regarding interest in sponsoring the '09 NYILFF. She works at a major bank (no...I can't say which). BUT, I can say we've been trying to get this together since '06 and now it seems like the time may be right. How bazonkers is that? I'm telling you, this business is SO bizarre. PLUS! I received a email from another, even older friend (high school), who's now at a major social networking site with serious interest in the Latino market. As it happens, that particular site is on my short list of target partners. Talk to me... All of this brings me back to my Oct. 10 entry, "It's a Small World After All": appreciate your friends, recognize how connected we all are and never, ever burn bridges because you never know when someone from way back in the day will reach out with something interesting to discuss.
~ Liz

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