October 10, 2008

It's a small world after all...

Okay, here's my funny small-world follow-up to Wed's note about friends dying hard. So, as I mentioned, my friend Brian is hooking me up with the entertainment and multicultural groups at Octagon (whoopie!). But, as it turns out, my good friend, Matt, whom I've known for years and was recently at another agency, is now heading Octagon's multicultural dept. (who knew??). So, Brian goes to Matt to pitch the festival, Cinedulce and me and Matt's like: "Brian...hold up; what are you talking about? I've known Liz for years and sponsored the NY Latino Film Fetival 2x with Verizon!" (I've taken some creative license here, but you get the point.) Holy canoles. Now, THAT's funny stuff. I repeat, it's a small world after all....which leads me to the old, but still very true adage: never burn bridges. Needless to say, Matt and I are scheduled to chat at 3pm today. Wish me luck!
~ Liz

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