October 13, 2008


So, Matt (from Octa8on) and I had a super-fantastic chat on Friday afternoon and he has two -- count em two! - potential clients for us. I can't mention which ones b/c I think it's bad luck (aka kanahara in Yiddish) and, more importantly, bad bizniz, but let's just say I hung up that phone with a giant grin on my face. Even if just one of those deals comes to fruition, I would be singing a sweet tune. Well, actually, I'm completely tone deaf so singing is not an option. But, I would be very, very, very happy. And so, on this 2008 Columbus Day, I am sitting here in my home office completing the Cinedulce capabilities proposal for my guy, Matt, with high hopes we can pull a client rabbit out of his agency hat and make some partnership magic. Abracadabra...success! Wouldn't it be awesome if it was that easy?? Ah, a girl can dream...
~ L

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