October 15, 2008

Congrats to Convergence Conference

Okay, today's LatinVision/NYC Latin Media & Ent. Commission convergence conference was EXCELLENT. And, let me just say, I'm not usually all that enthusiastic about conferences. Both orgs. did a fantastic job of putting together interesting, relevant panels with legitimately high level executives both on the panels and in the audience. Plus (ahem, cough, cough) I think yours truly held her own on her panel. But, even more importantly, they had an awesome Chanel make-up artist backstage to make us all look purty. Nah, I'm kiddin'. I mean, I'm not kidding; they did have an awesome Chanel make-up artist; but, that's not most important. What is most important, however, is I met a TON of great folks...including the VP of Programming & Biz Dev at Time Warner Cable...talk to me VOD! Other folks I met were execs from iTunes, Univision, Impremedia (a festival partner but we're talking about growing that alliance and a possible multi-market program), Microsoft, HITN, Johnson & Johnson and I finally met in person the executive at JPMorganChase with whom I've been chatting for 8+ months. Plus, I reconnected with all sorts of friends at various companies, such as Remezcla, Batanga, Merril Lynch, HPNG & Edelman. All in all, major props to Carlos Vassallo (LatinVision) and Carlos Manzano (NYC LMEC). It was a great event and I honestly look forward to next year.
And, now, I have my work cut out for me - all sorts of follow-up lies ahead. So fun!
Well, that's my update for the day. Positivity all around.
Later gators!

~ L

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