October 2, 2008

Slow but steady...

Okay, today has been a much more relaxed day vs. the mad chaos of yesterday. You know, sometimes you just gotta sit at your desk and bust out the fundamentals - writing proposals, paying bills, organizing, etc. It's not sexy, I'll give you that, but it keeps the train rollin' along and builds the foundation that, hopefully, leads to partners and $$. On a groovier front, we're putting together our first DVD compilation (yay us!) in partnership with this great company, Indiepix (indiepix.com). We're going to make a DVD comp. for Cinedulce, incl. a variety of shorts - comedies, dramas & docs, and then a second DVD to celebrate the festival's 10th anniversary, including some past Best Short Film winners. If all goes well (fingers crossed!), we'll release the Cinedulce DVD in time for the holidays (I smell a gift for mom + dad, folks!) and then the NYILFF one in Q2 '09, to coincide with our marketing ramp-up. We're pretty psyched about the DVDs b/c we've been wanting to do something like this for a while and now is the perfect time. Anyhoo, the point is, this afternoon, I spent some time re-watching some of our Cinedulce shorts b/c we're trying to decide the right combination for this first DVD. You gotta check out the dramas "Chronicle of A Hitman", "Fireflies" and "The Wannabe". Oh, and check out the doc "Just Ralph" - it's SOOOO relevant to the current political situation...

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